54: Curiousness Reflection

  1. I loved seeing and hearing about other people’s processes, and the class provided plenty of opportunities to rifle through others’ books.
  2. If I had to do it all over again, I’d speak in class (maybe…maybe not). The journal and the blog have been helpful in finding my written voice. Still working on the actual voice.
  3. Post 1, the lack of constraints made me uneasy. Mid Project 54, the ability to meander from a random starting point of my own choosing got easier.
  4. I like my blog, but I love print. Sometime in the near future, I’ll probably turn it into a little typographic book.

53: Blank Slate


Airbnb posts blank billboards (stamped with the logo) around the world and prompts the world to add something, anything if they spot one. Artists and nonartists can contribute. Airbnb monitors the progress of the billboards as they evolve and posts updates online. Group art projects that bring people together and gives the surrounding populations something to look at and maybe discuss.


52: Field Trip


In exchange for maintenance of Airbnb community gardens or other Airbnb community projects, Airbnb welcomes children’s organizations or schools to bring their group of kids out for a fun team building excursion. It’s an ongoing exchange that gets and keeps the kids involved in community service.

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51: Pillow Talk

Q: What should we do today?

A: Take over the world.

When hosts reach a certain number of guests while maintaining good reviews, Airbnb sends them a pair of pillowcases that contain a conversational question and an answer.

It’s a small sign of appreciation from Airbnb for a job well done, and it could start a conversation when a guest gets in the bed with someone.


50: Opposite hand: Airbnbanter

Airbnbanter events. It’s like speed dating minus the romance (unless both parties mutually feel the romance), but there are beds instead of tables. Hop into bed with a stranger and converse until your time is up, then move on to the next bedded stranger.

Beds are intimate but comfortable and will make breaking the ice a little easier. It’s a good way to meet a ton of people in a short time when you’re in an unfamiliar city.


49: Opposite hand: Call Your Grandmother



It would be nice to hear from you. Call me.



I’m not getting any younger…

A series of videos where young people show their grandmothers how to use tech (texting and videochatting instructions) and in return they are taught grandma’s favorite hobby. The focus being to keep communication open and current. It will, hopefully, get the younger generation to show their grandmothers some love and maybe get them to introduce Grandma to Airbnb (old ladies love Bed and Breakfasts!)


48: Opposite hand: A Street Performance

A guy in a crowded outdoor area starts pantomiming leisurely¬†activities. He begins by reading and turning the pages of a book. He pours and sips a cup of coffee. He eats, showers, and dresses. He opens a door and steps outside it. He walks. He smiles, he waves, he points and gazes. He even steps aside to allow someone to pass him. As his movements grow more exaggerated, the crowd takes notice. Someone tosses a few coins at him. A voice calls out, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING…?” The guy calls back, “I’M AIRBNBING!” He laughs to himself and walks away from the crowd.¬†

The guy deliberately engages a large audience. In his mime routine, he tells a story of going beyond the comfort of the accommodations to greet the world outside.