47: Opposite hand: Chocolate on Your Pillow

An old, shoebox apartment in a college town. You need only to turn your head to view the place in its entirety. The mattress, on the floor, is covered with just a flat sheet. Above it, a series of Scarface and Bob Marley posters taped to the wall. On the mattress, your host has scattered bottle caps and crushed beer cans in the shape of a heart. Inside the heart, boxes of graham crackers, bags of marshmallows, chocolate bars, and a case of cheap beer.

Airbnb hosts welcome their guests with drinks and snacks that require a little assembling. There are enough provisions to share and to inspire conversation with strangers and familiars alike while snacks are made and consumed.


46: Opposite hand: Bedtime Story

Jane @twitterjane: 

@Airbnb Childhood pet comes back from dead. chases me around hometown screaming “WHY DID YOU FLUSH ME” but never catches me

Tweet Airbnb your recurring dreams or nightmares (direct engagement with and amongst the Twitter community). Chosen tweets will be turned into bedtime stories read aloud by an edgy Mother Goose type…”Storytime with Betty White!”


45: Day and Night

Glasses wearing, tie-sporting contributor to the white collar workforce by day. Diaper wearing, bottle sucking deviant in need of a spanking by night. One morning, he’s inside his closet looking past suit after suit. His eyes rest upon his nightwear. In daylight, at work/the grocery store/the bank, we see him proudly dressed as a baby. 

Show the world who you really are. Be out and open during your stay with Airbnb. Fear not!..No one here knows you (wherever “here” may be).


44: Volunteer!

She has everything. A lovely home filled with family and often filled with friends. A job to support the family and pay for the home. And a car to get to the job.

Shit starts to go wrong. Bit by bit she loses everything and everyone. She now has nothing. 

Airbnb promotes National Volunteer Week by working with local homeless shelters. Hosts volunteer their homes to shelter the homeless within their own community. People sign up to sponsor a candidate’s stay or excursion. Proceeds will be matched by Airbnb and donated to an organization that aids the homeless.


43: Monster Mash

An Airbnb game where each player creates their own monster. The more ground you physically walk within a city, the bigger it grows. Watch your creation (and others) go from wee nuisance to enormous terror that destroys the city.

The game encourages outdoor exploration and could lead to people comparing monsters and the amount of their destruction.


42: Voicemail

An Airbnb voicemail system where the messages can only be played when you’re in the intended geographic location. Messages recorded for you by your loved ones wishing you luck or to enjoy your trip. Messages recorded for guests by hosts. For future guests by previous guests. For shop patrons by other patrons.

It’s more personal than texts or online reviews and adds another degree of anticipation for getting to where you’re going.


41: Making It’s Mark



A klutz and a daredevil compare their respective scars. Minor scrapes and cuts, burns, cracked and broken bones, missing limbs. Each scar carries with it a unique story that recalls a particular place and time. 

Like a scar, the connections you make (when you stay with Airbnb) will leave a lasting impression on you.