36: Random place: Use your words.

MAN IN SUIT stands facing office wall.

COWORKER 1 to COWORKER 2: What’s up with Greg?

COWORKER 2 glances at MAN IN SUIT: He’s in time out.

COWORKER 1 looks confused.

COWORKER 2: He flipped out on Larry for taking his stapler….threw everything on Larry’s desk out the window.

COWORKER 1 shakes head disapprovingly: Dude needs to learn to use his words.

Burned out people become distracted, impatient and act irrationally. They forget that those around them are also people with emotions. When you’re overworked and feeling cranky, give yourself a time out with Airbnb, so you can return to being a normal human being who knows how to properly communicate and interact with others.


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