31: Groups of Three: Lost in a moment

Soft serve ice cream piles atop a cone and oozes over the hand that holds it.

A deflated balloon slowly swells to overinflation then rockets across a park.

A pack of leashed dogs are walked then run free in every direction.

Bundles of mail are thrown expertly onto front porches until one hits its receiver smack in the face.

Inconsolable children stop crying.

A car drives over a cliff.

People doing their jobs all suddenly drop the ball. They fail the immediate task at hand, because they are mesmerized by their surroundings (a pretty girl saying “hi,” birdsong in the morning). Lose yourself in your surroundings and appreciate all that a city has to offer with Airbnb.


One thought on “31: Groups of Three: Lost in a moment

  1. Hey Brittany. I’m concerned with your missing posts and falling a bit behind. The work you’ve posted for this second half start is really excellent. This post, for example, is unique and interesting. Has the “drama” that Scott often talks about. Well done. But, falling behind can be a nightmare. Please catch up. Let us know if you need help.


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