28: Have fun: A Haunting

The Ghost of Lodgings Past: Sketchy guy who looks like he would smell of hot garbage.

The Ghost of Lodgings Present: Hyper-friendly woman with an unwavering smile that scares you a little bit.

The Ghost of Lodgings Future: Various inhabitants of “the community.” The members of this ghost collective seem to have nothing in common with one another, except the fact that they’re all genuinely happy to be speaking to you.

The spirits (representatives of fleabag motels, luxury hotels, and Airbnb) are here to show you the error of your reclusive ways. You’ve been confining yourself to four walls, and now you’re haunted by the places you have not seen and the people you have not met. Change your ways and live a better life in the future by stepping out into the world with Airbnb.


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