6: Stories: The Humdrum

Jane yawns, stretches and greets the day with a smile. She looks at the clock; she is late for work. She hurries into her clothes and finds herself in an argument with her partner. As they argue their way out the door, Jane glances up and sees Nosy Neighbor peering at them through her window blind. Jane crams down her breakfast as she drives; Reckless Driver cuts her off. She gets to work and suffers through an endless meeting with Incompetent Coworker and Overbearing Boss. Back home, Jane gets ready to unwind when The Mother-In-Law drops by unannounced. Jane wants to shake off the bad day. She goes for an evening jog and gets hit by a car. 

Occasionally, the daily interactions with the folks in your life are so mind-numbingly repetitive or so irritating, they make you want to disengage. When you just need a break, use Airbnb.


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